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Dog friendly locations in Northumberland

May 29, 2019

Northumberland has been decolorated with several different tourism awards and for good reason. With a stunning coastline and historical market towns covering the countryside landscape, there are numerous reasons to take a trip to the North East of England. For dog-lovers, we have created a map to display all the best dog-friendly cafés, restaurants and listed manor houses to relax and enjoy some quality time with loved ones for the perfect staycation or day out.

On the map:

Seaton Lane Inn –

Wylam Brewery –

Hog’s Head Inn –

Beamish –

The Tyne Bar –

Kingslodge Inn –

The Battlesteads –

Riley’s Fish Shack –

Eshott Hall –

The Commissioners Quay Inn –

Barter Books –

The Salt House Kitchen –


Cars of the Future

May 26, 2019

Autonomous racing cars have long been the stuff of fairytales and movies but are we approaching an era where they become reality? Well, certainly thinks so and as such have come up with 6 possible designs from the future. Let’s take a look:

1) Aston Martin-inspired autonomous racing car

Displaying much resemblance to the colors of the AMR Swansong model, this design is a sleek and mean looking revision bearing dual-layered front wings. Its streamline appearance is meant to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter and the yellow accents are a nice touch to the futuristic bodywork. The endearingly lit and somewhat trapezoidal roof flap is also a nice add-on.

2) BMW-inspired autonomous racing car

Some evidence of the BMW trademark comes in the form of the kidney grille front bumper which is complemented by a thin panel probably for aerodynamic purposes. The pair of obsidian rare wing flags pair well with the white-to-black toned body which is nicely capped off by contemporary front tires and a wonderfully concealed rear set.

3) Bugatti-inspired autonomous racing car

To each his own but this has to be my pick of the bunch. The customary horseshoe grille of the Bugatti brand is swapped out for a softer and jugged bumper which paves the way for a missile-esque body bathed in the colors of the French national flag. The sunken and eccentric exterior certainly makes for nice eye candy.

4) Chevrolet-inspired autonomous racing car

This Chevrolet depiction seems like the real-life equivalent of the “Batmobile” bearing an aggressive façade albeit forgoing a bulky posterior for a humble back housing rear tires and little else. The rabbit-ear side wings certain make for good streamlining function as does the curvy front that seems just a few millimeters off the ground. The gold-accented black dominance is an alluring shade to go with as well.

5) Ferrari-inspired autonomous racing car

Coming in a close second on my preference list, this crimson realization of a low-riding autonomous Ferrari is enchanting, to say the least. Its charcoal-black cockpit offers a lovely reprieve from the dominance of the singular shade while the protruding wing flaps on either side of the cockpit does the appearance justice. The front bumper is split in the middle with a lovely gap quite reminiscent of Ferrari’s Formula 1 model. 

6) Nissan-inspired racing car

This angry-looking car takes on a slight concave outline culminating in a sumptuous design of plane-like stabilizers on the elevated back. Its red stripes go well with the silvery shade which is rife with sunken parts and cutouts possibly to accommodate rapid air flow. The curious car certainly inspires faith in its abilities to eat up miles rapidly.

When it’s all said and done, is autonomous racing plausible?

These enthralling car designs bring us to an important question: is the idea of autonomous racing farfetched? Well, no. With the success of China in the field of self-driving technology and Google’s maiden self-driving car in 2011 and all the positive research surrounding the niche, a competition could even be a reality in the not-too-distant future. The 2016 DevBet and the Nvidia’s Robocar supercars have led the way into a new age and it’s only a matter of time before what was once impossible is put into speeding reality.



How to Avoid Fatigue When Traveling

May 14, 2019

Many people will agree that traveling is one of the best pastimes that you can spend your time and money on. Still, whether you are traveling for five days, two weeks or even longer, it’s very easy to get tired while on vacation.

Unique sights and sounds are constantly surrounding you, and this sense of newness that envelops can make the days seem longer. While this is a good thing, the whole purpose of your trip is to work on your wellbeing, relax, and get rid of any chaotic thoughts clouding your mind. This article will better explain what some of these tips and tricks entail.  

Do things slowly

Slow travel is an art, and it’s something that you should start considering sooner rather than later. This ensures that you get into a routine and rhythm wherever you are, and it also gives you a better opportunity to connect with some of the locals.

Of course, how much time you have to spend in the new city or town that you are currently located in will always influence slow travel.

Even if you are only able to travel for a weeklong trip, don’t pack your schedule to the point where you are busy every moment of your day. Taking some time to walk the streets of your new destination, or even sitting at a café or restaurant in order to watch the passers-by, is still a moment that you can cherish.

Drink enough water

Dehydration can also lead to energy loss and fatigue, and it’s thus important that you drink enough water. The go-to amount is eight glasses of water a day, but alternatively, you can also make sure to keep a portable water bottle with you at all times and therefore drink out of that.

Purchase additional health products

It would benefit you to bring some health-related products with you while you are traveling. Whether this includes vitamins and supplements, amino acids, essential oils or something else, there are plenty of all-natural and affordable products that you can invest in and keep on you in order to improve your mental and physical wellbeing alike.

The good news is that you can also easily purchase anything that you are interested in online, through a website such as

Get 7-9 hours of sleep

While you are traveling, it’s more important than ever to get enough sleep at night. The average and healthy adult requires anywhere between 7-9 hours in order to function properly and feel like the best version of themselves. That is why you should make a point of going to bed earlier rather than later during the evening hours.

Fatigue can always get in the way of your vacation, especially if you want to see and experience as much as possible while you are in your new destination. That is why it’s important that you take care of yourself, and you will benefit from learning these habits at any stage of your life. Who wouldn’t want to feel and look like the best version of themselves at all times? This isn’t possible if you don’t put the time and effort into achieving this optimal state.


5 Tricks To Spring Clean Your Office

May 8, 2019

Spring cleaning is a daunting task most of us dread. However, this is a task that must be done if you want to ensure your employees enjoy a clean workplace that inspires them to work harder, smarter and better. As a matter of fact, a recent study conducted by HLW International LLP, a clean office can dramatically improve employees’ productivity.

To make sure you enable your company’s employees to enjoy their time at the job, stay safe from dust or mold, and enjoy improved productivity, follow the following 5 tricks to spring clean your office.

Manage the entire process:

A good cleaning is always guided by a good process in place. Start by creating a checklist with all the things that need to be repaired or cleaned. Talk to all the people involved in the process, survey the site and list all the things that need to be cleaned. Moreover, create entries in your calendar and reminders for each task.

Use homemade cleaning products

You can save a lot of money on cleaning products by going natural. You can combine various substances to create your own homemade cleaning products. These natural products protect your employees from respiratory problems and enable them to enjoy a cleaner environment without exposing themselves to toxins. Some homemade cleaning products you can use include distilled water vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt or tea tree oil.

Eliminate the digital clutter:

An important part of the cleaning process is the digital clutter. While getting rid of physical clutter is crucial, you also need to clean up your computers and laptops. Remove emails you don’t need anymore, clean your desktop and put all documents into folders. This will make your employees’ work easier and enable them to waste less precious time when searching for an important presentation.

Dispose of any flammable or toxic materials:

If you are performing industrial cleaning, it is paramount to make sure you have a risk-free zone. Your employees need to work in an environment with no risks. Dispose of any toxic, flammable or hazardous materials and ensure the work environment is safe of any risks or blockers.

Consider hiring an expert:

Ultimately, you want to ensure that you hire an expert in office and industrial cleaning. Hire Real Cleaning and leverage our extended 20-years’ experience, ownership, full client management and industry leading equipment. Clean your office this spring and boost your employees’ productivity like never before.


Where to go for spotting Royals in the UK

May 7, 2019

If you’re hoping to spot some members of the British royal family while you’re visiting, then you might have more opportunities than you think. Most tourists head straight to Buckingham Palace, but there are plenty of alternative places to visit as well. Even if you don’t see the Queen, you’ll still get to experience some of the most beautiful spots in the UK. No matter your reasons for visiting Britain, if you want to have a greater chance of spotting a member of the royal family, then these are the best places to head to, and what you can do while you’re waiting for that cheeky look at one of the most famous families in the world.

The Queen’s Home

As the Queen’s official residence, you might assume that you’ll see her majesty fairly often if you just hang out by the formidable gates. Unfortunately, chances are very slim that you’ll see the Royals coming and going. However, it’s well worth the trip because it’s a stunning building that just oozes elegance and class, and is the perfect starting point to your royal tour.

Wonderful Windsor

You stand a much better chance of spotting a royal in Windsor. The current monarch uses Windsor Castle as your weekend residence, and you’ll be able to tell if she’s home by looking for the Royal Standard that will be on the main mast. If you spot the Union Jack, it means that she’s elsewhere. If that’s the case, don’t panic too much, there’s plenty to do in Windsor, and it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the UK. Walk the gardens of the castle and then head to the Corner House Pub Windsor for some craft gins that the Queen would approve of.

Head North

If you’re visiting in the summer, then you should always take the time to visit Scotland. There’s nothing quite like it, but you might also get to see some royals there too. Balmoral is one of the Queen’s favorite summer retreats. You could even spend your time in Scotland as her neighbor, because you can actually rent cottages on the grounds of the vast Balmoral estate! If you fancy vacationing like a royal, then Scotland and Balmoral should definitely be very high on your itinerary.

Birthday Celebrations

With more birthdays than most people, it’s no surprise that your number one best option for spotting the Queen is during the festivities. Trooping the Colour is an annual event that marks her ‘official birthday,’ and it takes place every June. If you can get a good place to stand somewhere along The Mall (tickets are notoriously difficult to snag), then you’re definitely going to see her majesty enjoying the birthday spectacle.

You probably won’t get to see a member of the royal family unless you make it a priority. You aren’t likely to bump into them as you shop or sunbathe, but if you plan your journey around their calendar, you might get closer to them than you think.


Ideas For Creating A Better Working Environment In Your Office

May 6, 2019

How your office operates on a daily basis and how long you’re able to retain employees over the long-term is ultimately in your control. Be glad to know there are ways in which you can create a better working environment in your office so that you can ensure everyone is thriving.

It won’t be long before you’re noticing that people are working harder and getting along better. It’s up to you as management to figure out how you can make sure your employees enjoy coming to work each day and that they keep motivated to want to help you reach your goals.

Request Feedback from Employees

A good place to start is to reach out and get feedback from your employees on the matter. Touch base with them by offering an engagement survey through This will allow you to get a better feel for what they think you could be improving upon and help you to gather reasons as to why they’re satisfied or not. You can then take their responses and make changes based on their input and ideas. Collecting this information will be better than playing guessing games or making assumptions about what it is they want when it comes to a work environment.

Arrange & Decorate the Office for Maximum Productivity

You can attract potential candidates and keep your employees encouraged to perform well by arranging and decorating your office for maximum productivity. For instance, there are certain paint colors, and furniture arrangements you can implement that will help you to accomplish this goal. Also, make sure the lighting is optimal, and you have plenty of options for illuminating your space and the individual conference rooms and offices. The more attractive your office space is, the more likely it is that your employees will want to come to work each day and put forth their best effort.

Hold Regular Team Meetings

You can also gain better insights as to what your employees need and want by holding regular team meetings. Create an enhanced working environment in your office by communicating clearly with your staff and allowing them the opportunity to clear the air with you and their colleagues about certain matters. Team meetings are a great place to discuss important topics such as roles and responsibilities, finances and future projects.

Make Time for Teambuilding & Relaxation

You can also create a better working environment in your office by making time for teambuilding activities and encouraging taking breaks once in a while. For example, you can dedicate a room to activities such as ping pong and other games to help your employees clear their heads and engage with others for a bit. In addition, schedule regular teambuilding events so your staff can get to know each other better and start to build trust amongst one another. The more you do outside of required work projects, the more likely it’s going to be that they’ll be able to collaborate and get along when they do have to work together on assignments in the office.


Do You Want to Spice Up Your Life in the Bedroom?

May 4, 2019

Many couples find that no matter how exciting and magical their love and sex life was when they first got together, things start to fade, and the magic starts to fizzle out. This is nothing to worry about as such, as it happens to most couples because people have to start focusing on other things in life such as family or work.

Having said that, it is always worth making the effort to inject some spice and magic back into your sex life, and fortunately there are various ways in which you can do this. All relationships take time and effort, and the intimacy side of this is part and parcel of the effort you have to make. So, if you want to make things more exciting in the bedroom, read on and find out some of the ways in which you can do this.

Some Methods You Can Use

So, what methods can you use if you want to make things more exciting in the bedroom with your partner? Well, one of the most simple methods you can look at is introducing new things into your sex life such as one of the many sex toys available these days. These can help to add a little excitement to the proceedings and means that you can try new things with your partner that can help to make things all the more fun.

Another thing you can do is turn to erotic massage to bring some spark back into your love life when it comes to intimacy. Giving one another a sensuous massage is a great way to get yourself into the right mood and is also very relaxing, romantic, and sexy. You will find plenty of special products containing essential oils that are designed to relax tension and make you feel really good. So, using these on each other could be ideal. You can also find massage products that can be used on your entire body including the intimate areas.

Some couples love to get themselves into the right mood by taking a luxurious warm bubble bath together or getting into the shower together. This is another great way to get yourself into the right mood for some passion and excitement. If you enjoy taking a bath together, you can light scented candles and use aromatherapy bubble bath to really set the mood as well as relax you.

Get Those Pulses Racing

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can get those pulses racing when it comes to having some fun and excitement in the bedroom. Just taking some time to think about the different things you could do will help you get things back on track. You could even turn to methods such as dressing up and acting out scenarios based on your desired and fantasies, which is another great way to get the excitement going when it comes to your sex life.


Essential Experiences When Visiting The UK

May 3, 2019

There are few destinations around the world as appealing as the UK. This is one of the most historic, beautiful and cultural destinations and somewhere that everyone should visit at some point in their life. Although relatively small in comparison to other destinations, there is an incredible amount to see and do throughout the UK which means that it can be hard to know where to go and what to do. Instead of trying to pack it all into one trip, you are better off choosing one particular area and then spend your time exploring the cities and its surroundings. Here are a few ideas for what you should do for a proper UK experience.

  • Go For A Walk In Nature

When people think of the UK they will typically first think of the major cities, such as London. This is for a good reason, but you should not forget the fact that the UK is an incredibly beautiful part of the world. The countryside consists of rolling hills, thick forests, winding rivers, and lush meadows.  Exploring the landscape is a must, and there are many fantastic walking paths to follow which will show you the magnificent beauty of the area.

  • Visit A Castle

The UK is home to many breathtaking castles which are fantastic places to visit and a great way to learn more about the UK’s rich and interesting history. Many of these impressive structures are popular tourist attractions which means that there is plenty to see and do around the grounds, ensuring that you can spend a full day here immersing yourself in the history and taking in the sights.

  • Go To The Pub

A quintessential UK experience is going to the pub, and this is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, have some fun and meet a few locals who are sure to have their own recommendations for things to do. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs in most areas around the UK, but the pubs in Weybridge are amongst the best and found in a beautiful part of England. Be sure to try a pint (or two) and get a classic pub dish like fish and chips.

  • Traditional Afternoon Tea

Another classic British experience is afternoon tea which is a delightful way to spend the afternoon which allows you to indulge in tea, sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, cakes, and other tantalizing treats. This is something that you could plan yourself, but there are many establishments which offer traditional afternoon tea which will give you an authentic experience.

If you plan on visiting the UK, then these are experiences that you will need to try for an authentic experience and insight into UK culture. The UK is a fantastic place to visit with a tremendous amount to see and do in all areas – it is for this reason why you should choose a particular region and spend time getting to know this area so that you can see the charm and get the most out of your trip.