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January 2019


How to Cope with the Sudden Death of a Loved One

January 13, 2019

The sudden death of a loved one is a horrific time and one that triggers a variety of emotional responses.  The grieving process is something that everyone deals with differently, and it can affect both your mental and physical wellbeing.  Although there’s nothing we can say that will make the bereavement process easier, there are some steps that you can take to help you get through it as well as possible.  These are listed below.

1. Know What to Expect

The emotions commonly felt during the grieving process include shock, guilt, disbelief, sadness, and anger.  Understanding these emotions and knowing how they respond to grief can help not only you to manage what you are feeling, but your loved ones as well.  Physical symptoms can also manifest, and these can include a loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and sickness. Being aware of these and the reasons for them is important.

2. Talk to Someone

Some people dealing with the loss of a loved one find it helps to talk to friends and family.  Reminiscing about their life and the memories you shared can help you to feel less alone, while also helping you to come to terms with what happened.  Talking can also be a good form of emotional support for everyone involved. If you don’t feel able to talk to friends or family, speaking to a counselor or therapist could also help.

3. Consider Your Children

At the same time as managing your own grief, you also need to consider your children (if you have any) and how they may be feeling.  Depending on the age of the child, they may not understand what is happening or know how to control their feelings. To help your child, talk to them in an age-appropriate way, and let them know that it’s okay to show their emotions.  Allow the child to take part in the rituals of mourning and explain anything they are unsure about.

4. Let a Funeral Home Help You

Planning a funeral while grieving is not easy, and it’s something you will struggle with if you haven’t made plans in advance.  Most funeral homes will provide a caring and patient environment and try to make the process as straightforward as possible. For example, who are based out in Florida offer a very personalized service to make it as hassle free as possible. They will notify the local newspaper and Social Security office on your behalf, as well as provide a Celebration of Life memorial to honor your lost loved one. Don’t be afraid to speak to them and let them answer any questions you have about the funeral process.  If you don’t want to be involved every step of the way, you don’t have to be. This is one part of the process that can be hassle-free.

5. Seek Professional Help

Sudden death can be a lot to handle, and many people struggle with being unable to say goodbye.  If you feel like your grief is taking over your life, and you may be struggling with mental health issues, it’s time to seek professional help.  Conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder can interfere with how you function and are best treated as soon as they become apparent.


3 Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

January 4, 2019

“Your home is your castle,” as the saying goes. You want to live in a place you are excited to come home to, which is comfortable and a true haven for you and your family. Anything less than perfect, and you can become uncomfortable and stressed.

One common issue is a lack of space within your home. Having enough space is essential, otherwise you may find yourself anxious and unable to relax. Plus, if you have children, you’ll find that having the extra storage facilities for toys is crucial. Here are three ways to create more space in your home.


If your home has a basement, then you have access to a whole new floor for you to make use of, and while some people feel wary about converting a basement because the underground level makes them prone to issues such as damp, and you have unlimited potential with a basement conversion.

Before you plan your basement room, however, you will need to get advice to make sure it is structurally sound. Make sure to hire professionals so that they can discuss your options for remodeled basements. They will be able to coat the walls properly, as well as transform the basement into whatever room you wish for, be it a cinema room or an extra bedroom.


Attic spaces can be so much more than just a place to store your unwanted household items and heirlooms. In fact, an attic can become a study, a reading room or even an extra bedroom. While you may not want your children to play in the attic, when they become teenagers, it can be the perfect place for them to store their belongings or sleep. Include shelving units and units to keep your possessions, but also consider turning the attic into a large, stylish master bedroom with a skylight for beautiful mornings.

Garden Rooms

If you don’t have any options for adding space within your home, then how about creating new space outside? A garden room is more than having a shed for you to fill up and then abandon. In fact, you can get a cabin or even a granny annex, which can act as an extra living space or a place for you to convert into a study space.

For families, this can become the perfect summer house for children to play in, or if you have a teenager, a room for them to hang out for added independence.

People may think the easiest means of getting more space is to move, but this is rarely the case. Not only is moving expensive, but it is incredibly stressful for both adults and children. Rather than leave an area you love, and a house that is your forever home, find ways to extend and expand your current abode. Basement and attic conversions not only offer more space but also increase your curb appeal. Therefore, you do ever wish to sell, your asking price can increase, too.