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December 25, 2018


Different Ways To Celebrate A Loved One’s Birthday

December 25, 2018

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, then you will want to do everything that you can to make it a special and memorable occasion for them. Everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday with friends and family, and there are many lovely ideas that will show them just how much everyone cares about them. Of course, everyone is different, so you will need to take their own personality into account, but here are a few nice ways that you can celebrate a loved one’s birthday that they are sure to highly appreciate and always remember fondly.

  • Surprise Parties

Surprise parties can be fantastic fun and a good way to get everyone together to celebrate their birthday. This can be a risky type of party, however, particularly if the person does not like to be the centre of attention, so think about whether or not they would enjoy this. In order for it to be a surprise, parties like this are usually best held in someone’s home.

  • Venue Parties

Alternatively, hiring out a venue and hosting a birthday party with friends and family is a great option, particularly for landmark birthday such as their 30th or 40th. This is because you can fill the venue with those that are dearest to them and control factors like the music to personalise it to their tastes. You may also need to think about hiring event bartenders so that there are a range of drinks available, and you can rest assured it will be a success by leaving it to the professionals.

  • Night Out

If they are the sort of person that wants to celebrate their birthday but do not necessarily want to make a song and dance out of it and be the centre of attention, then a night out is a good option. This could be at their favourite pub, a bar crawl or heading out of town for a fun night out. With these nights out, it is good to arrange travel if required and to have a loose plan for the evening.

  • Tea & Cake

Of course, not everyone wants to have a wild celebration for their birthday which is why a tea and cake celebration is a good alternative. Having just a few people that they care about to show them that they care and sing happy birthday can be a calm and enjoyable way to celebrate a birthday.

  • Tickets To An Event

Finally, another good option is to arrange tickets to an event such as a sporting fixture, concert, theatre production etc. This will certainly be memorable especially if it is something that they are passionate about and this could either be a surprise or something that you tell them about in advance.

There are many ways to celebrate a loved one’s birthday with the above being just a few options. Unless it is a surprise party, it is always worth checking with the person first as it is their birthday after all and they may want a quiet one or a big celebration!


How To Plan A Corporate Event?

December 25, 2018

Planning a corporate event may seem like a grueling task. But with the right plan and effort, you can successfully come up with a rememberable event, just the way you imagined. Sure, the task may be overwhelming, confusing or even expensive- but once you get the drift of it, there’ll be absolutely, no looking back. So, in case you’re looking to start a corporate event and are wondering how to get through- here are some snippets of wisdom that’ll surely work in your favor.

Get The Details

Even before you work with the plan, it is extremely important to know of every small detail about your impending event. Whether it’s the time, date, number of people, occasion or anything else- once you have these details- you’ll get to figure out how and where exactly to start.

Check The Budget

Before starting, ask the officials about how much they’re actually looking to spend. In case you do not get an answer decide on the budget yourself. Come up with an amount that you’re comfortable spending. Once you have this budget, you can streamline it according to the guest list, food request and so on.

Choose A Theme

What cocktails should your party have? What snacks should be served? Should it be a swanky sit-down styled party, or a buffet styled one? Even before you head to your caterer, it is extremely important to have a proper vision. So, the better you know, the better will you be able to come up with the plan.

In addition to everything else, you should also have a clear vision about the equipment, tables and chairs. This will help you come up with a party, just like you always wanted.

Fix A Spot

Your party will be absolutely, incomplete without the right venue. So, if you really want to have fun, try to fix the right spot. With the right spot, you’ll get to accommodate all your guests, and they too will get a chance to enjoy a beautiful, well-planned evening.

Choose A Caterer

No corporate event is complete without the right food. So, before anything else, choose a caterer who’ll whip the perfect meals according to your guests’ preferences.

Get Customized T-shirts

If you want to add a personal touch get t-shirts that are perfectly customized according to your organization’s logo or tagline. This will not just offer a sense of unity, but it’ll also make the team even more photogenic. Create customized t-shirts direct online from NNT Customised Workwear.