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December 8, 2018


How to Stop Ill-Health from Impacting Your Day-To-Day Life

December 8, 2018

Sometimes, no matter what you do to combat it, ill-health just arises out of the blue all on its own. When it does, day-to-day life, all of a sudden, becomes a lot harder to circumvent. There are things that can be done to stop this all-too-common plight from impacting your life too much, however.

To see what you need to keep your health in check and, as a result, keep your everyday life as easy to manage as possible, make sure to read on.

As stated, ill-health can hit you out of the blue at any time, and it is for this reason why it is impossible to plan for in advance. What is not impossible, however, is you being ready for health problems when they do arise, whether this is in the near or far future.

One way to ready yourself for the unexpected onslaught of ill-health is to keep medication on your person at all times. If you have a health condition, then this is especially important. If you have asthma, for instance, then, no matter how good your breathing may feel, you must carry a Ventolin inhaler around with you at all times as any number of occurrences could spur an attack.

Even if you do not suffer from a particular condition, you should keep medicine that will help you to relieve everyday pains handy. Paracetamol is always a good bet, as that will always get to work fast in soothing headaches. You should also consider carrying Lactobacillus reuteri probiotics because, as stated at SuperSmart, they are suitable for combatting diarrhea.

It’s not just your physical health that has the ability to deteriorate at any given moment, your mental health can too. It is for that reason why you should take combatting it and dealing with it as seriously as you would if you had a physical problem.

One way to combat ill-mental health is to meditate. By taking time out of each day and then dedicating that time to your thoughts, you’ll find managing your anxieties to be a much easier task. As a result, you won’t find yourself succumbing to worrying as much in your everyday life.

Furthermore, you are what you eat. That’s not just a phrase used by parents to get their children to eat wholesome foods; it’s a fact. To keep ill-health at bay, then, you should eat as healthfully as possible.

To keep your brain ticking over nicely, you should eat:

  • Blueberries: They can fight off memory problems
  • Pumpkin seeds: They can help to relieve stress caused by critical thinking
  • Broccoli: It can keep the brain’s cognitive function stimulated, which then contributes to fend off the signs of early offset dementia

To keep your immune system strong enough to fend off ill-health, you should pack your diet with:

If you want to stop ill-health from having an impact on your everyday life, you need to put the advice laid out above into practice.


What is an Industrial Illness?

December 8, 2018

An industrial illness is a condition that is brought about by specific workplace-related dangers. A person contracts such an illness as the result of them being too exposed to the occupational hazards of their particular job. The severity of the condition is entirely dependant on the risk itself, as well as the aftercare that is on offer on site.

Types of occupational hazards

Occupational hazards are brought about by the specific work that is carried out in the industry. More specifically, any number of industrial actions or substances can cause an industrial illness, from using a vibrating tool for too long to handling materials, such as dust, too often. The most common hazards are those that are borough about by asbestos. It is for this reason why it is handled and regulated with the utmost care and professionalism at all times.

Other types of occupational hazards include:

  • Hand dermatitis

Workers who make frequent contact with water are those who are most likely to contract hand dermatitis. Other workers at risk are those who frequently come into direct contact with chemicals deemed to be harsh (this includes soaps and perfumes). This is thanks to something known as irritant contact dermatitis, and it can be very painful for those who suffer it. Typically, symptoms include hot, sore, scaly and itchy skin that cracks and bubbles. When infected by the bacteria known as Staphylococcus, hand dermatitis can also cause the skin to crust and ooze.

  • Industrial deafness

Industrial deafness is a condition that impacts most people who work or have worked in a loud environment; it is officially defined as being ‘the gradual deterioration of one’s hearing as a result of them being overly exposed to noise levels that reach or exceed 90 decibels.’

Symptoms of this incredibly severe industrial illness include a constant ringing, hissing, or buzzing noise in the ears, and, in the worst case scenario, complete deafness.

  • Work-related upper limb disorders

Commonly known as WRULDs, this specific type of musculoskeletal disorder impacts the upper part of the human body (torso up) and is frequently caused by repeated exposure to vibration. Typically, it is road workers who are most in danger of being stricken with this plight, thanks mainly to the fact that they often use drills and other similar devices.

What to do if you suffer an industrial illness

If you think that you are currently suffering from an industrial illness or have done in the past, then you need to get started on your claiming process. There are no two ways about it, yes, your job may entail you having to face occupational hazards daily, but your superiors should also offer you the utmost protection against them. It’s your bosses fault if you become the victim of such a risk, not yours. For this reason, you should have no qualms in getting in touch with a solicitor who is an expert in this field; such a professional can be found at www.the-compensation-experts.co.uk. They will work tirelessly by your side to ensure your industrial injury doesn’t cause you any more damage than it has done already by getting you the financial compensation you are owed.

Now that you are aware of the plight that is the industrial illness, you can set about trying to avoid contracting one at all costs. It means, quite simply, if you don’t feel that you are being provided with enough protection, make sure to tell your boss. If they don’t listen, tell them again.