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October 23, 2018


How Millennials Can Achieve Their Lifestyle Goals

October 23, 2018

Millennials are often presented as a spoilt and undeserving generation, which leaves millennials themselves feeling a little embattled and resentful. Theyre told that theyre entitled and lucky while simultaneously being forced to live through economic squeezes, low wages, and high job competition. But despondency is not the answer. Instead, this article looks at four key ways in which millennials can achieve the lifestyle that they aspire to. All it takes is some shred planning and an awareness of the services and resources out there thatll help you propel your life into comfort and happiness.

Employment Options

Jobs are not what they used to be. With the rise of the ‘gig economy’, the requirement for young people to select an industry and work in it until they retire or expire is disappearing. A large proportion of millennials are working in gig jobs on their own time, with freelance or occasional bulks of work that they perform in order to finance the free-form lifestyles that digital technology has enabled. If this is applicable to you, take a look over the many web listings for agency or freelance work thatll enable you to work remotely and live the lifestyle you desire.

Aspirational Purchases

Its true that millennials dont have a good deal of money in the bank at precisely the same time that goods are becoming increasingly expensive. Its difficult, therefore, to purchase some of the more major aspirational lifestyle items that traditionally would be available to individuals in full-time employment. To get around this, though, items such as cars can be bought on finance, with millennials having to pay a certain amount of cash per month as they do with their phone contract and their rent. And if you purchase with the help of Zoomo Car Credit, youll not even have to worry about your poor credit score.

Travel Inspiration

Millennials have grown up in a globalized world, and as such, theyre open-minded and keen to explore the great unknown of this planet. For many millennials, a gap yearbetween finishing high school and moving on to college or university is the way in which they satisfy their itchy feet. But its equally possible to make money on the move: many young people have made it their job to earn money on Instagram and Snapchat, documenting their travels for the worlds pleasure.

Independent Living

Rents may be higher and wages lower, but that shouldnt stop millennials from finding a living situation that truly suits them. Most elect, in their twenties, to live with their friends or their long-term partner – sharing a place is a great way to save money while at the same time having those you love and care for close at hand to return to after a long day at the office. Take the time to select your perfect shared home and furnish it with your cohabitants in order to really lead the lifestyle that you aspire to.

Millennials need not feel embattled; theres plenty of ways for them to achieve their dream lifestyle, as this article attests.


Steps to Moving in with a Partner

October 23, 2018

Deciding that you want to take your relationship to the next level, moving in with your long-term partner, is an exciting, milestone experience. Its also something that youll want to do right to ensure that any haphazard, poorly planned or off-the-cuff decisions dont impact your relationship down the line. Such a big step in life should be considered carefully and executed with panache. This guide walks you through the four steps to moving in successfully with your partner, highlighting areas in which youll want to prepare and plan.


Moving in with another person – and sharing a room and a bed – means that youll technically be halving your rent. If you were previously living with family or with other housemates, youll find that living in a place with only one bedroom is considerably more expensive than running a home – and so you should think carefully about what you budget for your monthly rent and bills payments.

It’s also worth considering your economic security:

  • Are you both secure in your jobs?
  • What might happen if one of you is made redundant?
  • Can you afford a house in the price range you are looking at?

Think these things through before securing your new place.


The location of your new home is important and should be agreed before you begin looking for homes. This is because youll likely strike a compromise between different locations  – perhaps one area is closer to their parents, or your friends live mostly in another part of the city.

Check out the rental prices in each area, as this is sure to affect your decision. You’ll want somewhere that feels private but is also close to the action in your lives – be that family, friends, workplaces or favourite spots in the city or town in which youll be living.

The Home

Now its time to select a place to live. The most expedient way of doing this is to use websites such as Bricks & Mortar at which youll be able to find the homes for let in your area without trawling around the estate agent offices that in any case charge fees thatll eat into your budget. House hunting has never been easier, as online youll be able to compare homes far more easily, with photographs and details listed for you and your partner to consider. Draw up a shortlist, discuss your options, and go with the house that you fall in love with the most.

Moving Your Things

The final step to moving in together is perhaps the most fraught – it involves deciding which things you bring with you to your new place, and how the interior of your home will be laid out, furnished, and decorated. Be careful and always be willing to compromise; its something couples should undertake with honesty and humour as, after all, youll both be occupying, paying for and sharing this space for the foreseeable future. The success of conversations like this will go some way to securing your long-term future.

When moving in with a partner, bear in mind the above tip to make your coupling a success.