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September 19, 2018


5 Fun Date Ideas to Enjoy with Your Other Half

September 19, 2018

If you are tired of doing the same thing with your partner week after week and want to shake things up a little, you must constantly look for fun ideas that will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

To routinely connect with your partner, you should embrace new and exciting experiences together, which will only help to strengthen your relationship. That’s why you should take a look at the following five fun date ideas to enjoy with your other half.

1. A Day at the Races

If dinner and a movie lack the excitement both you and your spouse are looking for, consider a day at the races. For example, you can both don a beautiful dress and a stylish suit, before trying your luck by gambling on one of the many horses taking to the course on race day, which you can both cheer on to victory.

Also, carefully consider the dress code at a racecourse; for example, you can visit Gold Coast Couture to find fashionable derby hats for sale that can be beautifully paired with a stunning dress and a pair of heels.

2. An Escape Room

An escape room can be another fun way to add a little excitement into your relationship. You and your partner will need to work together to break out of a themed room within a sixty minute period.

You will both need to communicate to solve tricky puzzles and crack complex codes effectively, and you can guarantee you’ll have plenty of fun working together – whether you manage to break out or not!

3. A Trip to a Theme Park

What could be more fun than screaming at the top of your lungs on a rollercoaster? If you both have a need for speed and aren’t afraid of heights and fairground rides, it’s time to book tickets to a theme park near you.

You will love taking your pick from the thrill-seeking rides, eating cotton candy and laughing aloud together as you step off a stomach-churning rollercoaster. It’s one date you’re unlikely to forget.

4. A Sightseeing Break

Do something different by visiting a brand-new city to enjoy a day of sightseeing. Step on to a tour bus to make your way across a city with ease, exploring a destination’s many famous landmarks and attractions. You will both have plenty of things to see and do together, which can keep the conversation flowing while helping you to enjoy many more memorable moments together.

5. Attend a Cooking Class

If you would like to learn new things, master delicious dishes and have plenty of fun with your other half, you could always attend a cooking class near you together. You will both enjoy learning a new skill with each other, which you can take back to your own kitchen at home. Plus, even if one of you is really bad at creating a dish, you will have a fun story to look back on.


Be Inspired with These Top Four Muse-Boosting Tips

September 19, 2018

For creatives, nothing can be more frustrating than being uninspired. No matter what your medium, creating without that key feeling of inspiration can be frustrating and difficult. That is why you need to take a step back. Forcing yourself can be a good plan of action for some, but it is not for everyone. You need to boost your inspiration and draw from it in order to love the feeling of creation. Grappling your muse like this can be difficult, but by following these four muse-boosting tips, you can draw from a constant stream of inspiration.

Create a Muse-Boosting Playlist

Music has been a part of human civilization for as long as we have. It is a language that is universal and in many ways far more impactful than anything we can say with our words. That is why creating a muse-boosting playlist should be on the to-do list for every creative out there. Whether you work better with heavy, upbeat music or to slow and relaxing music doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you invest time and energy to find the right songs that spark that feeling of inspiration that helps you create and love every second.

To find these songs, you can search through playlists, YouTube, and suggested song recommendations. If you are using YouTube or SoundCloud to find these songs, then you will need to use this free MP3 audio recorder to download the song for offline listening and to help you compile your favorite songs into one playlist.

Try Out Different Artistic Activities

If you have hit a roadblock in your own craft, that is okay! Instead of getting frustrated, take a break. By trying out a different artistic activity, you can invigorate your mind and stimulate your creative energies at the same time. If you paint, try pottery. If you write, try photography, and so on. The arts lend themselves to each other, meaning creating in a different way can help you improve your preferred method of creation. Taking photos can help writers with their description, for example, and pottery can help the painter try out different methods of painting to bring out the textures, and so on.


Exercise is important for everyone, but the main reason it is a great muse-boosting activity is because a good workout helps boost oxygen to the brain. If you can’t create because there seems to be a block, a burst of oxygen could be exactly what you need.

Do Something New Every Week

Art is inspired by life. To continue to be inspired every day, you need to get out there and try out new things. Take classes, explore new places, and even try new foods. There is so much you don’t know about the world, and so much it can teach you. Do this, and you can improve your quality of life and your art at the same time.

Creating is a very raw process, but that doesn’t mean you should be expected to create non-stop. Sometimes you run out of ideas, or sometimes you just don’t have the motivation. By following these tips, you can master your muse and continue to create and love the process of creating every day.