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September 14, 2018


5 Simple Tweaks to Improve Your Health

September 14, 2018

Most people want to improve their diet and fitness levels, but they can often make the wrong decisions for their health due to boredom or a busy lifestyle. However, you can transform your life by making a few little changes to your everyday routine.

If you want to fill your body with some much-needed nutrients each day, here are five simple tweaks to make to improve your health.

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

It is easy to skip breakfast every morning if you’re rushing into the shower, brushing your teeth or applying makeup before a busy day. However, it’s true what people say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why you shouldn’t skip it. It will not only provide the fuel your body needs to hit the ground running once you step into work, but it will prevent troublesome hunger pangs from creeping in until lunchtime.

  • Switch to Camel Milk

While it might be second nature to reach for a bottle of cow’s milk in a supermarket, you might be surprised to learn there are healthier options on the market. For example, you should learn more about raw camel milk, as it is filled with nutrients and is lower in fat compared to cow’s milk. It also offers a delicious flavor that will linger on your tongue once you have finished a glass.

  • Avoid Liquid Meals

With so many coffee shops lining the streets, it’s easy to feel tempted to step inside to try one of the tasty flavors every time you head into work. Unfortunately, many of these creamy drinks are filled with calories, which are the equivalent to a meal and can add pounds onto your waistline.

If you add a muffin onto your bill, it can be rather easy to consume your weekly sugar allowance in one visit. While a sugar-filled coffee and cake are fine in moderation, you should avoid overindulging, or your health will be forced to pay the price.

  • Cook More

Are you guilty of regularly reaching for a takeaway menu out of sheer convenience? If so, it’s time to hang up the phone, walk into the kitchen and cook a scrumptious meal. Cooking is not just about preparing food to prevent hunger, but it can improve your appreciation of produce. You’ll start to care for the ingredients that will go into your dishes, which can lead to better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

  • Consider Whether You’re Hungry

Both babies and small children will stop eating once they feel full, but adults can find it much more difficult to do so. It’s essential to recognize when you feel either full or hungry, so you can stop overindulging.

For example, are you hungry enough to eat popcorn at the cinema or is just a habit? Do you need to grab a chocolate bar at the end of work or are you stress eating? If you can identify whether you’re hungry, it can stop you from making bad decisions for your health.


How to Save for Your Dream Wedding

September 14, 2018

Many happy couples dream of a beautiful venue, luxury cars, gorgeous flowers, and an impressive reception filled with hundreds of guests for their big day. Unfortunately, all the above is anything but cheap, so your perfect day might seem like a pipedream if you don’t have plenty of cash in the bank.

However, do not fret as there is no reason to despair, as there are many ways to increase your finances to ensure you and your partner have an unforgettable day. Here are some top tips on how to save for your dream wedding.

Set a Savings Goal

The first thing you must do is sit down to estimate the cost of your big day. Factor in everything when determining your budget, from the cost of the wedding venue and reception down to your wedding favors and accessories. You can then design a savings plan to identify how you will fund your special day.

Ask for a Pay Rise

If you haven’t received a pay rise for a long time, there is no time like the present to ask for one. This extra money in your bank account each month could pay for a wedding bouquet, flowers, or even the venue. The worst thing your employer can say is no, so you have nothing to lose by asking the question and a lot of money to gain throughout the year.

Start a Side Hustle

If you want to improve your monthly income to make your wedding a reality at a faster rate, you could always start a side hustle. For example, you can complete paid online surveys, sell products on eBay, or you could clean houses on your day off. All your hard work and effort will be worth it once you have walked down the aisle and said “I do” in front of your nearest and dearest.

Don’t Be Scared to Negotiate

Every bridal shop, limousine company, caterer, venue owner, and florist will want your business, so don’t just accept the first price they offer. Inform them you’re still shopping around, and you want to secure the best price, which they will meet if they want your booking. You can guarantee they’ll have a little wiggle room to drop their fee, which could help you to save a considerable sum on your wedding.

Buy Your Wedding Dress Off the Rack

If you’re on a tight budget, a designer wedding dress might not be the best option for your finances. There are many stunning yet affordable off the rack dresses that will ensure you look both beautiful and elegant on your big day. Simply browse different bridal shops until you find the ideal dress to complement your style and body shape.

Try to Cut Costs

There are many ways to cut costs on your wedding without detracting from the event. For example, you will not need a five-course meal when a two-course meal will fill your guests. You could also rent a groom’s suit or a wedding dress rather than paying for the garment in full.