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September 2018


The Top 5 Influential People in Baseball

September 28, 2018

Baseball is a part of the national culture in America. The game may not have its origins in the US, but the nation very quickly took it into its heart when it was introduced in the early 1900s. Very little has changed in the game over the years it has been played, and it is this together with its long history that make it very easy to compare the many excellent players that have emerged over the years. Making a list of the influential players and people is not so easy for other sports. However, for baseball, it’s much easier. Here are the top 5 influential people players that have influenced the sport and its many fans over the years.

Babe Ruth

No list would be complete without Babe Ruth at the top. Even non-baseball fans will recognize the name of the man that revolutionized the game. His playing career began as a pitcher in 1914, and although he was a great pitcher, it wasn’t until he got a bat in his hand that his true calling was found. The career of George Herman Ruth Jr spanned 22 seasons, and during that time he managed to hit a staggering 60 home runs in 1927. His hitting percentage of .690 is still the best of all time.

Willie Mays

Considered by many to be the best all-around player he managed to rack up an amazing list of totals. For example, 3,283 hits, 660 home runs, and 1903 runs batted in. He was also an excellent outfield player that resulted in 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards between 1957 and 1968. He only managed one title in his career, but it did feature one of the most iconic moments in baseball history. It was his over-the-shoulder catch at the warning track in the 1954 World Series game.

Bob Feller

Not considered by too many to be worthy of a place. However, Bob Feller was one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game. His career spanned 18 major league baseball seasons, and he played each one with the Cleveland Indians. Rather unusually, he left his family farm without finishing high school and started playing with the Indians big league club immediately. Something else that made him stand out was his decision to enlist despite having draft deferment status. This made him the first professional sports player in the country to enlist for military service.

Ban Johnson

Ban Johnson is responsible for the creation of the American League. Up until the 1900s, the sport in America had been dominated by the National League. An organization known for being undisciplined, corrupt and monopolistic. The success of the American League forced the NL to get its house in order and resulted in the formation of the National Commission, the birth of the World Series and the beginning of a new era for baseball.

Branch Rickey

Branch did start his baseball career as a catcher, but his true calling was more behind the scenes. His most memorable moment was when he brought in Jackie Robinson to break the games longstanding color barrier. It might have been against the wishes of every other owner but did help to solidify the Dodgers for many years to come.  He is also known for devising the farm system of finding new players.

Baseball is a game that is played all over the world. It’s not just in America that there are fans who have taken the game into their hearts. Above is a short list of some of the most influential people in the game. However, there are many more that have made a difference.   


How to Make Your Student’s Lives Better

September 28, 2018

When you are a teacher, it is in many ways like being a parent. Throughout your career, you will be guiding potentially hundreds of young minds into adulthood and, hopefully, steering them in the right direction to achieve the academic goals they will need to excel in life. To this end, being a teacher is about being a mentor, and you have taken on this awesome responsibility because you genuinely care about changing these young peoples lives for the better. In this guide, you will learn some of the things you can do to help improve your students’ experience of education so that they can look back on their time with you with pride and a smile.

Self-improvement is essential

When it comes to the betterment of others, you need to begin with the betterment of yourself. Research has shown that teachers who actively seek to improve their knowledge and credentials throughout their career can deliver a much higher quality of teaching that positively impacts upon their students. By investing your time into teacher professional development, your students will be able to reap the benefits, and you will be able to progress quickly in your career. A good place to start with this is to engage with competency-based professional learning which improves how you support, grow, and develop your teaching style and competency.

Being supportive

The primary purpose of a teacher is to impart knowledge and help your students through their learning and exams so that they can reach their potential and pursue their ambitions. However, you don’t need to be in the job for long to know that the responsibilities of this career path extend far beyond teaching the kids; you need to be more than a teacher. Young people in education, no matter what level, are having to cope with a whole host of issues that naturally arise from growing up and thus it is incredibly important that you understand how to support your students emotionally. A common problem most of your students will face at some point is stress. A creative way of dealing with this is by building movement into your lessons, no matter what subject you are teaching. Doing so will help release some of the adrenalin students can experience with stress while also increasing their focus.

Give them inspiration

Sadly, not every student will enjoy their time in school, and this lack of motivation or interest can lead to them falling short of the achievements you know as their teacher that they are capable of. When confronted with a situation like this, you need to know how to inspire students who don’t enjoy school. The best way of engaging students who lack motivation is to give them doable tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask them simple questions because getting this right can increase their confidence over time and help them to answer more difficult problems later.

The essential lesson you can take from this is that the more you work on improving yourself, the more your student’s lives will improve too.


4 Active Careers You Can Secure with an Online Degree

September 28, 2018

While some people are more than happy to embrace a desk job that requires them to sit between 8 to 9 hours per day, there are other people who may prefer a career that offers more movement and variety in their jobs.

While you might think online degrees will not apply to physical occupations, you couldn’t be more wrong, as there are many options to choose from. Simply take a look at the following four active careers you can secure when you embark on an online degree.

1. A Coach

If you want to mold a team of young students into promising athletes, you might revel in a career as a coach. You could also provide support to sports enthusiasts, coach sports teams, or lead community teams, so you will have multiple avenues to choose from throughout your career.

Not only will you receive a rewarding salary, but you could potentially inspire some of the finest athletes of tomorrow. If you want to study to become a coach at a time that suits your busy lifestyle, you will be happy to learn you can enjoy greater flexibility with a Kinesiology degree online.

2. A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers need to be passionate about encouraging other people to change their health and body shape through regular exercise and a healthy diet. It will be your job to teach various exercises at a gym, fitness center or at your clients’ homes.

What’s more, you will also need to focus on developing a healthier, happier body yourself, which will inspire others to follow in your footsteps and to listen to your expert advice. You will need to regularly devise bespoke programs for your clients, which will help them to effectively achieve their fitness goals outside of your personal training sessions. Again, you can become a personal trainer with an online Kinesiology degree.

3. Nursing

Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding career, as you will actively be helping patients to improve their health every single day. As a nurse, you will constantly be on your feet, moving from patient to patient, talking to doctors, and liaising with various medical teams to ensure a patient receives the highest standard of healthcare.

The good news is, you don’t need to physically attend university to advance in your career as a registered nurse, as there are online degree programs in nursing to help you improve your skill set, increase your knowledge and help you to earn a higher salary.

4. A Sports Administrator

Sports administrators are the people behind the sporting clubs, fitness centers, and facilities, who do everything in their power to both effectively manage and promote the brand. For example, they are responsible for marketing sports programs and increasing sales for sporting goods manufacturers.

It is the perfect option for those who want to have a proactive role in sport without participating in a team or challenge, and you can enjoy a successful career as a sports administrator with a Kinesiology degree.


Tips On Pursuing a Career in Technology

September 28, 2018

Choosing a career path can be one of the most important things that you do. It will affect things such as how much you earn, the kind of people you network with as well as how you spend your time. Although this isn’t black and white, and it isn’t always possible to predict your career path and where your interests will take you, the earlier you find out the better. You may find that you have an interest in technology and as a result want to pursue a career in this field. If this happens to be the case, continue reading as you’re going to find key tips on pursuing a career in technology below.

Pick a Niche

When pursuing a career in technology, one of the first things that you should do is pick a niche. Technology is a broad field and there are so many different career paths that you could pursue within this sector. You could, for instance, decide to become a computer programmer which means that you’d be writing code that enables software programs to run. On the other hand, you may decide to become an information security analyst and safeguard people’s computer systems and networks for a living. In order to find a niche, you may need to do research into different careers and see which jumps out at you amongst the bunch.

Get the Right Education

Once you’ve chosen a niche or at least narrowed your options down, think about what type of education you need to get there. If, for instance, you wanted to merge business and data science, you could try Merrimack online Data Science degree program which would enable you to merge the skills needed to operate as a data scientist with the skill needed to translate data into useful insights to help make decisions in a business. The idea is to think carefully about the skills and knowledge you’ll need in your profession and how education can help you attain that.

Meet Key People in the Sector

Another key tip for pursuing a career in technology is to meet key people in the sector. As you likely know already, your network is essential as it helps you hear about opportunities first hand as well as gain the industry knowledge you need to progress. When networking in your industry, think about the best events to attend, where you can meet key influencers and how to build genuine relationships. To improve your networking skills, try reaching out to those who are on a similar level to you when hunting for job prospects and pitching. Also, when you meet new people remember to talk about your job transition and career path so far as opposed to bombarding them with information about your job hunt.

Technology is a great sector to be in, especially in this day and age. So many life-changing innovations are being created and it’s being used to change the way we live life as well as how we relate with one another and function. Being a part of such a movement can be an exciting thing. On that note, hopefully, you’ve found the tips above useful and can use them when pursuing your career.


How To Get Your Home Life In Better Order

September 26, 2018

Running a household isn’t an easy job, simply because it comes with a lot of responsibility! You not only have a career to manage and kid’s schedules to juggle, but you also need to worry about taking good care of yourself and keeping the house well maintained.

The better order your home life is in, the less chaotic your days will feel and the more productive you’ll be. There are a few steps you should consider taking to help you achieve this goal. While it may take a little extra effort to modify your ways, it’ll be well worth it when there are fewer issues to deal with on a daily basis.

Create To-Do Lists & Manage A Calendar

What’s truly going to help you get your home life in better order is if you take the time to create to-do lists. Additionally, you need to proactively manage a calendar and record down exactly what obligations every member of the family has committed to doing for the day or week ahead. Write down what’s upcoming instead of trying to remember critical details in your head. Go over your lists and the family schedule consistently and take notice of when anyone is overdoing it and needs a break.

Attend to Important Home Improvement Issues

You’ll have a much more enjoyable time living at home when you attend to and take care of important issues happening around the house immediately. If you notice water leaking where it shouldn’t be and need help, for example, get on the phone straight away and call a septic tank service. There are certain problems you don’t want to put off for another day because they may cause you more headaches the longer you wait to get them fixed.

Hold Regular Family Meetings

Make sure everyone in your family is on the same page by holding regular family meetings. Use this time to sort through who’s in charge of what chores and clear up any confusion regarding individual duties. Allow each person to give their input and talk freely because this way, every family member will leave the meeting feeling heard. It is also a good opportunity to discuss when everyone is available to get together to spend some quality family time as a group.

Practice Open & Honest Communication

You’ll have a more successful home life overall when you encourage each other to practice open and honest communication. The last situation you want is people getting upset with one another over issues that could have easily been resolved by having a mature conversation. Yelling and arguing with your loved ones is only going to create a more toxic environment that makes it difficult to get through to each other.  


These are a few actions you can take to help you get your home life in better order. Put these ideas at the top of your priority list, and there won’t be as much drama and disorder in your household. Make sure everyone is pitching in and contributing so you’re not the only one working hard to keep your family in line.


Jobs for those with a Green Thumb

September 26, 2018

The career you decide to pursue will have a significant effect on your enjoyment of life and how fulfilled you feel. It’s not always possible to find work in the role you’d most like, and most people have to take on jobs they’d rather not do at some point in their lives so they can pay the bills. However, one of your most important goals should be finding a job that you love doing – you’ll be spending a major part of your life at work, so earning a living in an industry that you find rewarding is one of the best ways to lead a happy and fulfilled life. If you have an interest in and a talent for growing plants, then there are a wide variety of potential jobs in agriculture and horticulture.

Jobs in agriculture

Agriculture isn’t just about the grassroots role of farming. There are many careers open to people who are able to grow and trial new crops, fertilizers, and methods of cultivation. One exciting opportunity that is coming to the fore would be working for a commercial seed company, helping to develop disease resistant crops and plants that will grow in difficult conditions. These companies look at ways to increase yields per hectare and explore the viability of new crops such as Chinese water spinach, or kangkong. This plant only takes three weeks to grow and produce a crop, which means it could have a vital role to play in providing food in the developing world. Working for a commercial kangkong seed supplier like East-West Seeds would give you the chance to use your talents productively, giving you a rewarding career with the benefit that you are helping to address world hunger.

Jobs in horticulture

Becoming a gardener or horticulturalist is a natural choice for green-fingered plant enthusiasts, but again there are far more possibilities than you may realise at first. There are many different roles available, for example, caring for parks and public spaces, landscape architecture, garden design, research and development, nursery growers, and specialist niches for particular families of plant species, as well as the many private yards and gardens you could maintain working for yourself. Think about where your deepest interests lie, and what your strengths are, for instance, if you enjoy meeting people and have good social skills, then a front of house role in a plant centre would suit you far better than being behind the scenes feeding and watering.

If you have a talent for creating clever and innovative garden designs, then pursuing a qualification in this area would help you win jobs as a designer. Or if you relate to the plants better than you do to people, then research and development might be more suitable.

Having a talent for growing plants and crops is one that will give you ample opportunity to find a rewarding career, and you will be making a worthwhile contribution to society. If you have green fingers, don’t waste your skills, go out and find the job that’s right for you.


How to Get More Out of Your Hobbies

September 25, 2018

Our hobbies are the pursuits that we spend our leisure time enjoying. Our lifestyles in many ways revolve around them, as its in pursuing our hobbies that we make new friends and experience new perspectives. Seeing as theyre so dear to us, though, it would seem a shame if we werent squeezing absolutely everything out of our chosen hobbies, ensuring that were making the most of the time we spend doing them. This guide gives some practical examples of the ways in which you can enhance your leisure time further by improving on your hobbies.


If your hobby is anything to do with a sport, perhaps its time you upgraded into a semi-pro capacity. This doesnt mean the changing of your tennis game on Saturday into a rigorous training routine, but equally, it does entail your improvement in the sport. Competitiveness is one of the major influencers in skills and abilities attainment, so if you feel like youve plateaued in your chosen sport, why not consider entering local or regional competitions. Youll have nothing to lose and, who knows, the competitive nature inside you may inspire you to be more passionate  and confident than ever.


Another major realm of hobby craft thats less than competitive is in the creative arts. Many people enjoy using their spare time to learn or play an instrument, to create wonderful paintings or drawings, or to read and write stories from their imaginations. These are all wonderfully calming leisure pursuits in their own right. But what if you were to share your work – even just with friends and family? Consider putting your work up online, either on social media or on a specialized blog, in order to receive positive feedback and tips on how to improve.


Some people are so well-versed in the requirements of their particular hobby that theyre able to monetize their extra-curricular pursuits. One of the better examples of this is in the world of gaming, where professional gamers earn mega-bucks when they reach a level of skill that makes them world-class. On a smaller scale but remaining in the gaming industry, the likes of small -stake counter strike betting is a nice way to add to the excitement of your first-person shooter game, perhaps ending in some nominal but no less exciting monetary wins for you and your friends.


There are so many different hobbies out there. One way in which most hobbies can be enriched, and thats the documentation of your involvement in them. If youre a gardener, why not take periodic photographs for before and aftercomparisons? If you enjoy canoeing, why not log your routes so that you can plan a long and ambitious course one day? If you enjoy meditation and spirituality, then perhaps keeping a diary on your thoughts and experiences will shed new light on this area of your life. The choice is yours.

These tips aim to inspire those with flourishing hobbies to enhance their participation in their chosen leisure pursuit even further, making the most of their time to themselves.


How to Have A Luxury Travel Experience

September 21, 2018

When people imagine a luxury travel experience, they may think about a private jet that picks them up and sweeps them away to a far-off corner of the world, where there is no one around. The reality is, most people do not have their own private island, let alone their own personal plane to use. Still, booking a luxurious travel stay can be more affordable than ever if you simply know how to prepare for it. The very first step is to save money for the trip. After all, there should be no reason for you to go into debt due to a few days spent away. Remember to draw the line between a travel experience that you cannot afford, such as a private jet, and booking an elegant accommodation somewhere unique. Furthermore, you should choose the occasion you are going for, treat yourself and enjoy every single moment of it.

Save money

Saving money for your trip should be your first priority. There is no need to use your credit card to pay for your entire experience, especially if it will put you in excessive amounts of debt. Make a monthly budget that you stick to, and purchase things you need as opposed to what you want in order to save more quickly as well. If you make this a habit, you will even learn how to live within your means in no time.

Special occasions

The location of your destination is incredibly important, but so is the event you are celebrating. It’s not every single day that you decide to spend more money on a particular trip, and although you’ll remember it regardless of the reason you go, consider making it extra special by going for a holiday, a celebration or even an anniversary. If you are celebrating your time spent with your significant other, you should choose a place for romantic getaways Chicago IL, such as The Champagne Lodge and Luxury Suites so that you have the right atmosphere for the occasion. Depending on your reason for going, your experience will be different but look for locations that offer special packages to make your trip one of a kind.

Treat yourself

Once you have some money saved and have chosen your special occasion, remember to treat yourself. After all, you have worked hard and deserve to spend a bit more on a lavish destination or souvenir. However, this isn’t something that you should make a habit of doing, as then these types of events will not be as special.

Enjoy every moment

When embarking on a trip, especially when it is fancier, it is important that you enjoy every moment of it. A good way to do this is to live in the moment and take in your surroundings. Put aside any stressful thoughts, and you will even find yourself relaxing and going back to your everyday routine more refreshed than ever.

Traveling is often seen as a luxury in and of itself, as it’s not something that everyone can do. Still, you deserve to treat yourself to a special destination and splurge more than you normally would, especially if you are celebrating something or someone special. In the event that you simply need a break away from work, it is still reason enough to book a luxurious stay somewhere. You must save the necessary funds for the trip and enjoy it to the fullest when you are there.