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Why You Should Listen To People You Disagree With

May 31, 2018

Everyone has a different background and therefore different outlook on life at least to some degree. This therefore naturally leads to different opinions on a myriad of subjects or issues. This means you are bound to disagree with those of a different view or school of thought but doesn’t mean you should be enemies or avoid interacting with them. As a matter of fact, you should more than grant them an audience, we should engage them.

By engaging in opposing views opinions and stands, you can certainly find common ground. Even if not with the speakers themselves, then you can interrogate the thoughts they hold, the principles they stand for and the people they may attract with the said opinions.

Good listening skills

This calls for primary engagement skills like being a good listener, having good temperament when coming in contact with infuriating sentiments and giving the other party enough time to finish what they want to say.

This in essence does a couple of things; shows the other person that you value their opinion. It also shows them that you treat them as an equal and that they are worth your time. You connect with the person on a deeper level. Empathetic listening almost always does half the work as far as connecting goes.

Open your mind

Go to any conversations with an open-mind. You will learn a lot from the conversations if you have an open mind and you are willing to learn from the other party, as Momcrib.Com suggests.

It calls for maximizing the value of exchange between the individual willing to engage in an honest conversation. By doing so, you both get to question your premises and how you got to where you are in terms of belief, religion and even behavior. When you truly start listening to people, you get to put yourself in their shoes and start to understand where they are coming from.


You start to empathize with what they are saying. If the person begins to get emotional while articulating his or her point, it is always inherent that you use methods to deescalate the situation to maintain sanity and rationality to the argument.

After granting the other person a hearing, you will too be granted your time, as people will feel the need to reciprocate after feeling that they were respected in the first place. This also gives you time to explain your principles from a point of understanding to a willing listener who also in turn will empathize as you had set the platform earlier and in so doing “dictating” the terms of engagement.  You also speak from a point of strength having listened to the issues being presented by the other individual.

Empathetic engagement

This kind of engagement will be of mutual respect with and makes it easier to connect on a human level without the “noise” of imposed religion, economic and social standards set by the environment in which we are born into individually.

By doing so, we will have an empathetic engagement in all our spheres of life, as not all disagreements have to end up with each one of us having bad blood.

In the event that you end up not agreeing at all, it need not end up being in bad faith, as you can always agree to disagree but with empathy and understanding.


Becoming a Pilates Teacher

May 31, 2018

Do you love Pilates? How would you like to be able to live and breathe Pilates, and get paid to do it? You can, if you choose to become a Pilates teacher. Pilates is a fitness trend that is not likely to fade away any time in the near future, and there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to take their passion to the next level and share their knowledge with others. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of being a Pilates teacher, and how to go about becoming one.

Benefits of Being a Pilates Teacher

If you love the Pilates, as well as the idea of being your own boss, you really should seriously consider becoming a Pilates teacher. When you do this, you don’t have that strict, nine-to-five workday, and you have a lot of flexibility with your schedule. You won’t be chained to a desk for several hours a day, because you will be working at different gyms and fitness centers. And, you get to meet all kinds of new people every day. Other benefits of being a Pilates teacher include:

  • Helping Others – You will be able to help others achieve their fitness goals. Pilates works, and there are plenty of before and after photos to prove this.
  • Understand Pilates – As you train to become a Pilates teacher here, you not only learn how to teach others how to do the exercises, but also about the actual philosophy and teachings of Pilates.
  • Enjoy a Decent Salary – You can make some pretty decent money as a Pilates instructor. If you only want to work part-time, you can expect to earn around $12,000 or more annually. Many full-time Pilates instructors make as much as $48,000 annually.
  • Medical Benefits – While it is not the norm for Pilates instructors to receive health benefits, there are many companies that do offer them. In fact, approximately 43 percent of full-time employers of Pilates instructors and personal trainers offer medical benefits.

Getting Started

If you are serious about training, you can get inspiration here from other dads who have become Pilates teachers or personal trainers. Then, it is a good idea to read about the certifications basics required in order to become a Pilates instructor. You may even want to talk to instructors who live and work in your area, both to see if there is going to be a need for the services you want to offer and to learn from their experiences.

The final step of the process is to check out a variety of instructor training programs to see which is going to be the best for you. There are different types of instructor education programs available, so you have plenty of options to consider. Visit this website, where you can sign on to learn the Michael King method of Pilates. You can study part time with one of their top tutors, and upon completion of the program, you will receive a YMCA Awards certificate and be entered into the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as a Level 3 Pilates instructor.


Big BUSiness — how entrepreneurs have transformed buses

May 30, 2018

Instead of the standard street-food vans, have you thought of the different things you can do with a bus? With the right combination of knowledge, funding and creativity, consider starting your bus business today. Here are some of the best examples from around the UK and the world:

Quirky accommodation

More travellers are looking for quirky places to stay, especially with the rise in sites such as AirBnB. Some plucky entrepreneurs have transformed buses into hotels, such as East Yorkshire businessman, Oliver Kemp, who has created BEDROAM – a functional mobile hotel for use at events such as festivals. The bus features 18 luxury sleeping pods, two bathrooms and an outdoor space.

This quirky accommodation has featured on TV on shows such as Amazing Space. Oliver Kemp spent around £60,000 on the project. Proof that with a bit of ingenuity, you can turn space-saving ideas into mobile business success!

A bus has been used in a similar was in Australia too. Here, homeless people are invited to spend the night on the bus. These ‘sleepbuses’ are designed to shelter rough sleepers overnight.

Shopping on a bus

Take a leaf out of Lesley Tindle’s book and create a unique shopping experience on a bus. For extra space, you could opt for a bus that expands too. This idea shows the versatility of buses, allowing an owner to easily transport stock and sell it directly from their bus.

A new type of office space

Unfortunately for start-up businesses, office space can be costly to purchase. But, that can change with the help of this innovative idea.

Created by Rishi Chowdhury, the Incubus is a double decker bus/ office space. The bus itself cost around £12,000 and the conversion cost up to £30,000 – but the vehicle acted as the IncuBus office space, hosting up to five startups at any one time. It’s proof that an innovative idea can work well, if you’ve got the business sense to try it.

Building a bar

As opposed to socialising in a bar, why not give people somewhere different to enjoy a drink? One bus, christened Leyla, is the result of a 1966 Leyland Titan being renovated by owners David Humphreys and Alex Robinson. They spent around £60,000 converting it into a fully equipped bar, complete with a lounge area upstairs. Run as a private hire event attraction, this is just one example of a bar renovation.

There’s a similar concept in Russia too. It’s a VIP bus bar that drives around the city allowing people to drink and dance the night away. Where some party busses in the UK are designed to get revellers from one location to another, Alexander Berest’s party bus is meant to be the destination.

Thinking about something like this? Remember that you need to acquire a licence to serve alcohol in the UK. You’ll also need to pay concession costs for events you attend, which can be pricey.

A new type of restaurant

As opposed to the food van, consider a restaurant bus. There have been a number of bus restaurant conversions in the UK – though one of the most popular is the Crust Conductor, which serves pizzas in its 34-seater restaurant. As a mobile business, it can visit festivals and food events but is primarily housed in London.

Buses are commonly associated with public transport. As the future pushes innovation and conventions are challenged, it will come as no surprise to see more entrepreneurs stretching the limits of what can be achieved with a bus-borne business. However, with most people’s renovations costing upwards of £30,000, you’ll need plenty of investment behind you. Crowdfunding, anyone?

This article was created by Stagecoach, providers of competitive bus pass prices.


Fit for a King: designing the ultimate mancave

May 29, 2018

The best thing about moving into your own home is having the advantage of designing your own mancave. You need to ensure that this room lives up to the expectations of the lads – it’s your duty to impress. Ever since you were a child you’ve dreamt of this opportunity and now that it’s finally here, there’s no chance that you’re missing out on creating a space just for the boys.

Whether you’re designing the mancave for yourself, or you’re the partner who is sick and tired of having to miss out on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians because the footy is on — we’ve teamed up with Oldrids & Downtown to help you deck out the pad and to tell you our top tips to make it nothing but spectacular.

The design process

You probably already have a vision in your head of how you want your mancave to look — but you need to be realistic and work with what you have. It’s important to factor in room width and length as well as the ceiling height to ensure that everything you want can fit in the space and not look out-of-place. Not only will this be beneficial when deciding on flooring, wallpapers and colours, but it will help you determine what type of gear you can kit your room out with.

To achieve the best results for any mancave, we recommend that you create a mood board to bring your visions to life. Whether you decide to go traditional and purchase a physical cork board where you can print off images and stick them on or are looking to be more social savvy and use a platform like Pinterest that allows you to ‘pin’ ideas that you see online — the opportunities when it comes to finding inspiration and designing are endless.

However, there are some must-have essentials that all mancaves should have in order to make a lasting impression on all of your friends and for those who aren’t too sure where to begin, here is our guide:

Walls & flooring

You want to make sure that your room feels exclusive — where only the finest lads in town have been granted membership. This element of class can be accomplished by using a mixture of dark and rich colours and textures for both your walls and flooring. We recommend using dark hues such as blacks and greys, creating a more intimate vibe for those who are welcome to the club.

Not only that, using dark walls and flooring can help make your lighting pop — as well as enhance the illumination of your TV screen. However, when it comes to your walls it’s all down to personal preference and there are only two viable options. If you go for paint, choose matte as this will give you a sharp finish. If you choose wallpaper, take the chance to be a little more creative with chrome — bringing hints of silver, greys and other shades of black to the room.

Pick a flooring that is easiest to clean up after a big night in the den or one that can disguise any spillage. To give your mancave that edgy look, why not go for a dark yet distressed solid oak that can be maintained with wood preserver? This will happily compliment your chosen look for the wall. If you’re more for comfort, pick a dark grey or black carpet that will be sure to make your cave cosier.

Of course, kitting out your walls and flooring doesn’t stop there. Why not add some posters to your favourite movies on the wall or some humorous rugs that will most definitely be snapped on Instagram?


You can’t complete your mancave without having threads here and there — and this is where your rich colouring comes into play. Every lad pad must have curtains, because those sun glares on the TV screen are something that you just don’t want to deal with when competing against your pals on a game of FIFA. Go for draped curtains that rest swiftly on the floor, be unique and opt for bold mustards or enticing burgundies that will be sure to set the scene for your off-limit lad land.  

Throws and cushions are another element that should be introduced to your lair, and they should come in all shapes and sizes to enhance the comfort for all scenarios — movie nights, game nights and more. Don’t be afraid to opt for more decorative pieces, such as themed Star Wars cushions or an Avengers blanket!


You want to make your mancave more technologically advanced than Wakanda in Black Panther, so it’s important to decide on the best gadgets for your mancave. First of all, if you want to kill two birds with one stone you must purchase a smart television such as the LG ULTRA HD 4K TV — not only will this allow you to play your games in the highest quality, but will allow you to surf web-apps like Netflix, YouTube and iPlayer’s to watch your favourite movies and TV shows at any time.

If you’re into Blu-ray DVDs, you of course need a blue-ray DVD player which will allow you to play high-res movies on your smart television.

To accompany your new-found love, you need a soundbar to match. This will ensure that you’re delivering a cinema-esque experience for anyone who dares to enter your mancave and will be useful to create that surround-sound feeling that will be incredible for any parties that you throw with the lads.

Why not invest in an Amazon Alexa who will become your virtual assistant? It’s always a talking point when you have guests around and can be the perfect way to get the party started: “Alexa, play Eminem!”.

Before digital

You can’t have a mancave without taking a trip down memory lane — and by this, we been purchasing some of our favourite board games to play when you’re in the mood for a throwback. To reminisce in full swing, some board games to put on your shelf are:

  • Monopoly (original or themed)
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Battleship
  • Cluedo
  • Connect Four

There you have it — a fully decked out mancave. What other items will you be adding to your room? Remember, your mancave needs a name and you should even get a plaque to place on the door to celebrate its opening.


How To Look After Yourself With A Busy Schedule

May 27, 2018

Whether you lead a hectic life or you’re just going through a bad period, it can feel impossible to step back and take it easy. However, taking the time to look after yourself is not just a caprice, but an essential element for good health. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can definitely still find a few moments to unwind. You need to learn how to take advantage of every single break that you get during the day.

Moreover, you should also focus on the quality of your sleep. Even though your busy schedule does not agree with the fact that you need to sleep, your body will immediately feel that something is not quite right. As you can see, looking after yourself with a busy schedule is not as hard as it seems. If you need more proof, check out the following options.  

Eat Proper Food

When you spend most of the day at work, it might be tempting to consume food from the vending machine. Though, by fueling the body with real foods, the whole system becomes a lot healthier. Although eating healthy seems like a real challenge for some, it does not have to be that way. Cooking healthy food in advance can be fun if you are careful when picking the ingredients. There are so many tasty recipes that you can find online and prepare in advance. Take them to work, and you won’t have to worry about eating fatty foods anymore.

Schedule in a Few Breaks

Breaks are important. Although everyone knows that, not a lot of people are totally aware of their health benefits. Everyone takes a few breaks at work, but not many people make a habit of taking breaks once they are at home. Daily routines can generate just as much stress and problems over time. By scheduling in a few breaks, you can pamper yourself and forget about little frustrations. Book in a spa appointment, go for a ride in your car or consider improving your appearance. A hectic lifestyle can lead to premature aging. If you’re concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, you might want to check out Grieshaber Dermatology.

Take a Break From Technology

When you’re busy, you don’t realize how important it is to have a few moments of peace and quiet. Although technology is everywhere these days, you need to take a break from it, at least for a little while. Put your phone down and try to practice having a few moments of total silence. This is a good way to eliminate distractions from your life. Over time, you will see a difference in both your health and wealth. Keep in mind that even five minutes spent with yourself will change your perspective on things.

Make Sure Your Routine is Easy

A crazy routine does not compliment a busy schedule at all. During a busy week, you need to reduce the number of unnecessary activities. You won’t be able to learn how to bake a sophisticated cake when you barely have enough to look after yourself. If you want to stay sane, you could try getting into simple but effective routines. Take advantage of the weekend and plan a few batches of food. Plan your outfits in advance and avoid hairstyles that are too complicated.

When you’re busy, you need to do whatever it takes to look after yourself. Otherwise, your health and well-being might be at risk.



Things to Never Forget When Traveling with a Chronic Illness

May 23, 2018

Traveling can add joy and satisfaction to life as well as become a lifestyle and way of life for many. However, if you or a loved one is struggling with a chronic illness, you may not be able to travel as frequently as want.

Although it may feel like a setback, this shouldn’t stop you from traveling if you need to, it just means you’d need to put more preparation in beforehand. This is imperative in order to ensure you’re able to reduce the amount of stress you may face and ensure there aren’t complications along the way. In light of this, you’re going to find a few tips on things to never forget when traveling with a chronic illness.

Pretravel Consultation

Before traveling, it’s imperative that you get the go-ahead from a health professional if you have a chronic illness. This is important in order to ensure the management of your health is optimized before and during the time of your travels. It may also be a good idea to bring a doctor’s certificate along detailing your medical history just in case of an emergency. Additionally, four to six-week pretravel counseling should also be considered to make sure that your healthcare provider can give adequate counseling as well as any immunizations that may be needed. By doing this as early as possible, you’re more likely to be able to floor any concerns ahead of time. You can also express any worries or concerns that you have to reduce any feelings of worry or anxiety.

Health Care Arrangements

When traveling with a chronic illness, it’s key that you make health care arrangements beforehand. This means ensuring you make adequate travel arrangements that are suitable for your condition. You could, for instance, consider Flying Angels if you want non-emergency medical transport. This would mean you’d get a dedicated flight coordinator while your flight nurse attends to any needs that you have throughout the duration of your flight. It is an alternative to air ambulance services which utilizes commercial airlines meaning it is relatively cost-effective as well. Choosing this option could mean all of your in-flight healthcare needs are taken care of leaving you with less to worry about.


This may seem like an obvious one, however, taking all of your medication along when traveling is key. Ideally, you should have enough to last the duration of your stay and extra in case of an emergency. It’s also critical to remember to bring any appropriate medical supplies you may need such as an oxygen machine, accompanying tubing, charging equipment, power chords, and adapters. You should also familiarize yourself with the local healthcare providers at your destination just in case you need urgent treatment.

A chronic illness may be a difficult thing, but it doesn’t have to be the end of life. If well managed, you should still be able to do things like travel if need be. Hopefully, next time you’re planning a trip, you’ll remember these three tips.


How to Begin a Career in Nursing

May 23, 2018

If you have a natural empathy with others and a desire to help people, the nursing is a career that might be for you. There is always demand for nursing staff, and it is an industry that is growing because larger and aging populations mean that more people require nursing care. Being a nurse is also fulfilling, as the opportunity to diversify in the field allows you to develop your skills in an area you’re most interested in. Nursing is a varied role where you will learn a variety of skills and disciplines. But what exactly does a nurse do, and how do you get started on a nursing career?

The Role of a Nurse

Although nurses may work in different niches of the medical profession, there are some tasks that they mostly have in common. Some of the core values of nursing are to care, to be understanding of patient’s needs, and to allow them dignity while under care. Nursing duties may include practical tasks, like performing a physical examination of patients, administering medications, treating wounds and injuries. Other duties may be to keep patient records updated, giving advice to patients on healthcare topics, and supervising other staff. It can be a varied, fast paced role with scope to specialize.

How to Start a Nursing Career

To become a nurse, there are formal training required. This means graduating from an accredited program, such as a nursing diploma or bachelors’ degree. Becoming a nurse can take anywhere from two to four years, depending on previous education and what level of nursing you want to work in. Training consists of practical placement work, as well as classroom-based study. Once you have passed exams and obtained the relevant qualifications, you need to obtain a state license before you begin employment. If you’re unable to study in a formal setting, then there are ways to go about this. For instance, online study is a great way of studying if you already have a job or family to tend to. Plus, you’ll be able to find many flexible working hours, thanks to Millennials who don’t want to be confined to a 9-5 job.

How much do Nurses Earn?

The salary of a nurse will depend on their level of experience and qualifications, and may also depend upon where they work. For example, nurses salary in Texas may be more or less than in other states, due to the average wage. However, the income you can earn from being a nurse, plus other benefits such as paid sick leave, flexible shift hours, vacation time, and health insurance, make it a profession where you have the potential to earn a high income and save money on other things.

The nursing profession is one that is well-respected, and the opportunity to help people and benefit their lives makes it a fulfilling career. As a nurse, your skills will always be in demand giving you many employment choices. By taking on further training, you can learn to specialize in a niche of nursing, such as mental health care or becoming a therapist, so the opportunity to develop your career is not limited. If you are looking to train as a nurse or thinking about changing your career, nursing is a profession that benefits others and yourself in countless ways. It can be rewarding for both you any many others.



7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

May 22, 2018

No doubt, finding the honeymoon destination can be a daunting task. Some couples want to enjoy sightseeing, some wish to relax on an exotic beach, and some want to have an adventurous experience. Also, the world is full of amazing places, and one has to ponder much in order to select a perfect place. The vital point is honeymoon should be stress-free.

Well, if you are among those couples who have recently got married and looking for best honeymoon destinations in the world, then you have undoubtedly landed at the right place. Listed below are some of amazing as well as spectacular places on the planet where you can count on enjoying your honeymoon.

Essential point

Before you jump on the first destination, make sure you set a budget as you would surely not like to blow your bank account. Also, it is important to explore some sites such as Holidayshub.Com where you can find the free as well as complete travel information. Now, get ready to begin the journey of finding best honeymoon destinations.

Fiji Islands

The paradise on earth! Fiji islands have such an exotic beauty, which can’t be kept into words. Featuring rugged cliffs, swaying palm trees and awe-inspiring views of the island, this place will surely spellbind you with its amazing charm.  


It is one of the best destinations for couples in Asia. This place features incredible white sand beaches, exotic restaurants, beautiful cultural temples, luxurious resorts and much more. You can enjoy a wide array of water sports activities.


It is famous honeymoon destination as this place offers tropical experience. If you are looking for fantastic beach resorts and surfing spots, then you must count in this place. Hana road, Mauna Kea, Pearl harbour are some of the romantic places that you should not miss.


If you want a memorable Mediterranean honeymoon, then Crete in Greece is the perfect place for you. It features sun-drenched beaches, amazing mountains, striking fishing villages and more. Make sure you explore Chrissi island, Chania old town, Agios Nikolaos, and Samaria Gorge.


From astonishing green space to outstanding skyscrapers, this fabulous sightseeing place features a mélange of ethnic enclaves. Try visiting in July – September, if you want to spend quality time with your better half.


It features white sand beaches and is prominent for its thrilling nightlife. Vizcaya Museum, South Beach, Art deco district are some of the awesome romantic places in Miami. Try visiting here from March to May.


If you are among those who would like to give a visual treat to your spouse, then Amalfi Coast in Italy should be your honeymoon destination. It features crystal blue water, cozy towns, and breathtaking views.

There are many more stunning honeymoon destinations, but these are the best places where you can think of spending quality time with your spouse. So, now you have a broad list of places, and you just have to pick the one, contact a travel agent, pack your bags and set off for a majestic honeymoon destination.