5 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

August 6, 2016

Starting a business is both exciting and terrifying at the same time because you finally get to be your own boss, and you also have to worry about the business being successful. One of the reasons that a lot of businesses fail in the first year is because the people that start the businesses don’t do their due diligence.

If you want your business to be successful, these are five tips that people starting their own business should know.

5. Never Use Your Own Money.

A big reason why businesses fail quickly is because the owner used their personal funds to start the business, which led to the business closing because they couldn’t afford to keep it open. Don’t get it wrong, there are some instances where self-funded businesses have been successful, but the smart thing to do in this situation is to either get a business loan, or find investors who believe in your idea, that way you can focus on the business itself instead of worrying about the bills that are piling up.

4. Proper Marketing.

Another mistake people make when it comes to marketing their new business is their insistence on hiring advertising companies to market for them. While these companies are successful in helping companies grow, they are also expensive, and most honestly don’t know how to properly market a small business. When starting out, you don’t need to hire the top marketing company to help advertise your business, instead, you should consider guerilla marketing tactics, which simply means doing it the old fashioned way. Hand out fliers, advertise on social media, and ask customers to pass on the word about their experience with your business.

3. Hire The Right People. 

If you are going into a business, it is always a good idea to hire people who have a lot of experience in the field. By hiring someone that knows what they are doing, you won’t have to spend as much time training them because they already have an idea of what the business is all about.

2. Identify Your Market.

One of the most important things in business is knowing who you are trying to sell to. Before you rent a space for your business, you should make sure the location is ideal for the market you are trying to corner. For example, a college textbook store close to a university campus will be more successful than one located close to the beach.

1. Have a Business Plan.

Before starting a business, you should have a detailed plan on what your business is about and how you intend to make it successful. Your business plan is very important because it is what will determine if you get a loan or if you can attract investors, so make sure you go over every detail and are ready to answer any questions your investors might have.


Boeing Expects Big Rise in Demand of Airplanes in India

August 6, 2016

On Tuesday, the Boeing Corporation sounded excited about the progress going on in the Indian aviation sector, which is the fastest growing in the world in terms of traffic. The company said India will need as many as 1,800 new airplanes, which will be worth close to $265 billion in 20 years.

Last year, the aircraft manufacturer predicted that India would have a demand for 1,740 new planes, which were valued at $240 billion in 20 years.

According to Dinesh Keskar, the senior Vice-President for Asia Pacific and India, for the Boeing Corporation, the expected rise in demand will be driven by planes like the Next-Generation 737s, the 737 Max, and the A320 Neos made by Boeing’s rival Airbus.

Keskar made the comment while speaking to reporters during the release of Boeing’s current market outlook for India report.

While attempting to break down the demand for the reporters, Keskar said that single aisle airplanes are at the top of the list because they are the most used planes in India. There is a demand for about 1,560 single aisle airplanes, which are worth about $180 billion.

After the single aisle planes, the second most in demand planes are the 280 wide-body planes, they carry over 200 passengers and are worth around $85 billion. Regional 10 seater jets make up 90 units of the demand and have a value of $1 billion.

According to the report, India will contribute to over 4.6% of the global demand for airplanes by 2035, when the demand is expected to be 39,620. India will also contribute about 4.5% of the demand in terms of value.

Keskar added that the new planes will support growth of low cost carriers, while replacing the older ones. Keskar attributed Boeing’s outlook to the new aviation policy, low fuel prices, and favorable demographics in India.

Keskar said the strong commercial aerospace market in India and the fact that the country has the highest domestic traffic growth in the world, are a couple of reasons for the high demand.

Domestic travel in India has been steadily improving over the years, and air travel grew 18.8% from last year to this year, which is the fastest in the world.

The traffic has been so much that the popular airlines in the country are ordering new planes to keep up with the demand. Earlier this month, GoAir ordered 72 A320neo planes, while IndiGo placed an order for 240 planes from Airbus.

India is currently projected to be the third largest aviation market in the world after the United States and China by 2026.


Pokemon Go fever Sends Nintendo Shares Surging

August 6, 2016

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and is currently the most popular game app downloaded across the globe. As expected, the popularity of the game has resulted in a big financial boom for the manufacturers, but Nintendo in particular, has seen a significant increase in its shares.

Despite the app not yet being available in Japan, Nintendo’s headquarters, the company’s shares have been surging since the game was released. On Tuesday, Nintendo’s shares went up more than 14 percent in Tokyo, due to the mania surrounding the Pokémon Go game.

With the game expected to be released in Tokyo soon, business insiders are expecting a huge financial windfall for Nintendo, which has prompted a lot of investors, both local and international, to buy as much of the company’s stock as possible.

Pokémon go is a downloadable app that uses Google Maps, allows users to “catch” Pokémon creatures in numerous places. It was developed by Niantic, a company known for “Ingress,” the augmented-reality game.

The app was also developed by Nintendo and the Pokémon Company.

The rise in the price of the company’s shares is the highest Nintendo has experienced in a decade. The success Nintendo is currently having has executives thinking about doing similar things with some of their most famous titles like Zelda and Super Mario brothers.

Nintendo recently unveiled the NES Classic, which allows people to play classic Nintendo games that are built into the console like Donkey Kong and the Mario trilogy. The Classic NES, which will retail for $60, is expected to improve the company’s sales figures.

While there are many fans of the classic games that will help drive the sales figures, it won’t have the same effect on the company as Pokémon Go is currently having, which is why it makes a lot of sense for the company to try its hands in the augmented-reality realm with some of their classic characters.

According to reports, the sales from the Pokémon Go app will likely earn the company about 50 billion Yen in profits, which is astounding for one game. On their own, the Pokémon games are very entertaining, but the reason people are going crazy for them right now is because of the augmented-reality, which has made Pokémon interactive.

Although Nintendo’s plans to make augmented-reality versions of Zelda and Mario haven’t been fully disclosed, you can expect the company to release the apps within a year so they can continue riding the wave of success created by Pokémon Go. However, expect to see other companies like Sony and Microsoft enter the market as well.


Corning launches Gorilla Glass 5, Can Survive Drops From 1.6 Metres

August 6, 2016

Corning has been one of the best and most popular glassmakers for mobile devices for a while now because they make very durable products. On Wednesday, the company announced it has developed the Gorilla Glass 5 for devices.

According to reports, the new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was tested internally, and can survive a face down drop from 1.6 meters 80% of the time. This is good news for people like me who have had a few fumbling accidents that resulted in cracked screens.

A spokesperson for Corning said that the Gorilla Glass 5 has been tested on all types surfaces including hard surfaces. The new Gorilla Glass 5 will be commercially available and will on a lot of devices later this year.

Corning claims it is the leader in the cover glass industry. The company also boasts that there are over 4.5 billion devices using its Gorilla Glass around the world, including more than 1,800 models from 40 major brands. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will hit the market almost two years after the company launched their Gorilla Glass 4.

Corning said the Gorilla Glass 5 was made to help prevent the consumers’ top issue with their smartphones, which is screen breakage. Since the breakage issue has been addressed, the company said it will also be making cover glass that’s suitable for swiping, touching, and typing.

Citing an old study,, Corning claimed that more than 85% of cell phone users accidentally dropped their phone at least once a year. The company also claimed that 55% of users drop their phones at least three times or more.

The study also claimed that more than 60% of cell phone users reported dropping their phones and devices at a relatively short distance. According to reports, the numbers used in the study were taken from an 11-country study of cell phone users and it included countries like the United States, France, India, Germany, and Brazil.

The new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was introduced by John Bayne, the general manager and vice president of Corning. Bayne said that each generation of the Gorilla Glass has expanded the levels of the technology companies use when making cover glass.

The Gorilla Glass 5 follows the same trend, and extends Corning’s advantage over its competitors when it comes to its performance when dropped.

Bayne added that when the company realized that most drops occur at a significant distance, Corning knew improving the drop performance of its glass would be a very important and necessary achievement.

There are over 4.5 billion devices using Corning glass all over the world.

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Amazon Enters Student Loan Business

August 6, 2016
An employee selects a branded cardboard box at the Marston Gate 'Fulfillment Center,' the U.K. site of Inc., in Ridgmont, U.K., on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. Inc.'s share of the tablet computer market will surge to 14 percent this quarter as consumer demand catapults the Kindle Fire to the No. 2 spot after Apple Inc.'s iPad, according to research firm IHS Inc. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Online retail giant Amazon Inc. is expanding its operation and will enter the student loan business. According to reports, Amazon is partnering with Wells Fargo in a deal in which Wells Fargo’s student-lending arm will offer interest rate discounts to some Amazon shoppers.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, this is the first time that members of the company’s Prime Student service are receiving a student-loan offer by a lender through its site since Amazon Prime Student was launched in 2010.

Wells Fargo will shave half of a percentage point from its interest rate on student loans for select members of the Amazon Prime Student service, which will reduce the total amount of money the student has to pay back.

The Amazon Prime Student members will continue to receive the benefits that come with the subscription. Services like free 2-day shipping, and access to Amazon Prime’s video and music streaming catalog.

According to reports, Wells Fargo charges between 3.39 percent and 9.03 percent for a variable-rate student loan, and the company charges from 5.94 percent to 10.93 percent for a fixed-rate loan.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson said a student that qualifies for a 3.3% rate would be able to get a loan at a 2.89 percent rate by subscribing to Amazon Prime Student.

Under the terms of their deal with Wells Fargo, Amazon cannot work with other student lenders in similar deals. However, Wells Fargo can offer similar incentives to customers of Amazon competitors.

In a recent interview, John Rasmussen, head of Wells Fargo’s Personal Lending Group, said that the deal makes sense for both partied because Amazon is trying to increase the number of subscriptions to its Prime Student service, while Wells Fargo is looking for exposure to their products and services and awareness.

Rasmussen said Amazon does not receive any compensation from Wells Fargo, and Wells Fargo doesn’t get compensated by Amazon either.

By asset, Wells Fargo is the third largest bank in America, and the company had $12.2 billion in outstanding student loans at the end of 2015, which is significantly more than the $11.9 billion at the end of 2014.

As one of the largest private student lenders in the country, Wells Fargo sold substantially all of its government guaranteed student loan portfolio in 2014.

On Thursday, Citizens Financial Group Inc. Chief Executive Bruce Van Saun said that while government loans tend to have high default rates, lenders prefer the private side of the business because they can offer better pricing borrowers they feel are more creditworthy.

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5 Great American Road Trip Ideas

July 24, 2016

Road trips are a fun way to get away from the stress of everyday life, as well as a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends, which is why I recommend going on at least one road trip in your lifetime.

If you’re in the United States and are interested in taking a road trip, there are plenty of places you can go/visit, but we have put together a list of the top 5 road trip ideas for you to make it easier to pick a destination for your road trip.

5. Overseas Highway, Florida

If you are travelling through Florida, this 120-mile route that connects the Florida Keys is a fun route to take. The first part of the highway from the Florida mainland to Key Largo is a little underwhelming, but once you get to Key Largo, it is a very beautiful scenery.

You will be driving across the Atlantic Ocean for a few hours and you will feel like you are floating on the water. It is also where the final action scene in the movie “True Lies” was filmed, so if you have seen the movie, you know exactly how beautiful the ocean looks from the bridge.

If you take this route, be sure to take a break and go swimming with the dolphins at the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada.

4. Pacific Coast Highway- Route 1

The PCH takes you through Oregon, California, and Washington, and provides you with beautiful mountain scenery, as well as a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Route 1 is over 123 miles long, so be prepared for a long drive, and make sure you are careful on the roads because of sharp turns, mud slides, and detours.

If you’re into golf, be sure to check out the famous Pebble Beach golf course.

3. Beartooth Highway

This highway has been called the most beautiful highway in America by quite a few people, and you won’t get an argument from us because the views from this highway are for lack of a better word, spectacular. You will get to see a lot of mountains and Yellowstone Park while driving through this highway. You should also be aware that at some point, the highway is just a little under 11,000 above sea level.

2. Route 6. Cape Cod

This is a 117 mile route that takes you through Cape Cod. You will get to see saltbox homes in colonial villages, forests, tidal ponds, and of course, the Provincetown harbor. You will also get a great view of the beach, so feel free to take a break and enjoy some lobster while you’re there.

1. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

You can’t talk about going on a road trip without mentioning the Million Dollar highway, which runs from Silverton to Ouray, Colorado. While on the highway, you will pass through two historical mining cities and enjoy some breathtaking views.